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Federal Court of Accounts - Brazil (TCU)

The Federal Court of Accounts is the external control institution of the federal government that supports the National Congress with the mission of overseeing the budget and the financial execution of the country and contributing to the improvement of Public Administration for the benefit of society.

TCU’s goal is to be a reference in promoting an effective, ethical, responsive and responsible Public Administration.

The Federal Court of Accounts is responsible for accounting, financial, budget, performance and property oversight of public bodies and entities of the country as for their legality, legitimacy and best value.

According to article 71 of the Federal Constitution of Brazil, the National Congress, with the aid of TCU, exercises the external control . TCU is responsible for evaluating and judging the accounts of administrators and of other individuals responsible for federal public money, assets and values. TCU also evaluates and judges the accounts of those who have caused loss, misappropriation or other irregularity resulting in losses to the public treasury.

To control is to oversee the activities of individuals or agencies so that their activities do not deviate from predefined rules. To control is to prevent, provide guidance, evaluate, and recommend improvements. To control is to act preventively, and not only punish.

The constitutional and exclusive mandates of TCU are established in article 33, paragraph 2, articles 70, 71, 72, paragraph 1, article 74, paragraph 2 and article 161, sole paragraph, of the Federal Constitution of Brazil.

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