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Controle e gestao devem caminhar juntos na questao das tranferencias de recursos federais.JPG

(10/31/18 2:07 PM) Control and management must go hand in hand on the issue of federal resource transfers

The evaluation was made by authorities who participated in the Public Dialogue that addressed the topic. The event took place on October 16, in Brasilia. Leia +

Auditores mocambicanos visitam o TCU.jpg

(10/30/18 2:04 PM) Mozambican auditors visit TCU

The Acting Head of the Department of Methods and Support for External Control (SEMEC), Antonio Alves de Carvalho Neto, and auditor Maria Lúcia Lima, welcomed a delegation of ten auditors from the Supreme Audit Institution of Mozambique. They were accompanied by Alexandre Pochyly da Costa, auditor of the Federal District Court of Accounts and participated in a technical meeting facilitated by the General Secretariat of the Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions of the Community of Portuguese-speaking Countries (OISC/CPLP) and by the Department of International Relations (SERINT) of the TCU. Leia +

Agencia alema GIZ apresenta ao TCU  ferramenta para gerenciamento de financas publicas.jpg

(10/26/18 2:17 PM) German Agency GIZ presents to the TCU a tool for management of public finances

On October 17, the president of the Federal Court of Accounts - Brazil (TCU) Minister Raimundo Carreiro and Minister Walton Alencar met with the specialist in public finances and public administration Barbara Gutzler, a member of the team of the German Agency for International Cooperation (free translation for Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit - GIZ, in the original acronym). Leia +

TCU inicia fiscalizacao com foco na desburocratizacao de servicos publicos.jpg

(10/24/18 5:07 PM) President Carreiro announces the start of audit focused on the bureaucracy of public services

The audit is part of TCU's oversight actions plan, which aims to improve the business environment, Brazilian competitiveness, and propose solutions for systemic problems of bureaucracy and low quality in the delivery of public services in the country. Leia +


(10/24/18 4:58 PM) The role of TCU in regulation control

After the concession of a public service, TCU's performance continues by monitoring the execution of the concession contracts. However, this does not replace the constitutional and legal role of regulatory agencies, which regulate the market. Therefore, TCU does not act as a second level institution or reviewer, but as the constitutional body of superposition and control Leia +

Seminario interncional de auditoria discute boas praticas internacionais.jpg

(10/24/18 1:24 PM) International Auditing Seminar discusses good international practices

On October 18, the Federal Court of Accounts - Brazil (TCU) organized the 2nd International Auditing Seminar - Different Risk Approaches. The event aimed to highlight the relevance of international standards and good practices for the improvement of the work performed by the control institutions, in particular by the TCU. Leia +

TCU coordena oficina sobre energias renovaveis no Chile_FOTO.jpg

(10/19/18 6:14 PM) TCU coordinates workshop on renewable energy in Chile

The regional audit of public policies for the insertion of renewable sources in the electricity matrix was coordinated by the TCU with the participation of 12 other countries from Latin America and the Caribbean Leia +

Oficina promove uso de geotecnologias na area ambiental.jpg

(10/8/18 11:53 AM) Workshop promotes use of Geotechnologies in the environmental area

TCU is a reference in the application of Geotechnology, within the scope of external control, in the region of Latin America and the Caribbean. The method can be used to improve environmental audits and preserve the environment Leia +

TCU lanca sistema de informacoes de desestatizacoes.jpg

(10/1/18 11:25 AM) TCU launches Privatization Information System

The system consolidates information, facilitates communication, and provides greater transparency to the Court's performance in these relevant works. Leia +

TCU e pioneiro em transparencia de notas fiscais.jpg

(10/1/18 10:39 AM) TCU pioneers transparency of invoices

The public will have open access to the new system in which it is possible to filter the information, sort it in ascending or descending order and view the items of each electronic invoice issued to the Brazilian Court of Auditors from May 2018 Leia +

Seminario debate uso de tecnicas de analise de dados.jpg

(9/24/18 10:12 AM) Seminar debates the use of data analysis techniques to improve public management

The event was promoted by the TCU, the National School of Public Administration (Enap), and the Ministry of Transparency and Comptroller General from September 24 to 26. Leia +

TCU e reconduzido_ por unanimidade_ a presidencia do CCC.jpg

(9/11/18 11:02 AM) TCU is reappointed unanimously to the presidency of the Capacity Building Committee (CBC)

The reappointment took place in a meeting of the Capacity Building Committee (CBC) of the Latin American and Caribbean Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions (Olacefs), held in late August in Santiago, Chile. The Comptroller General of Chile hosted the event. Leia +

Brasil campeao de burocracia.jpg

(9/10/18 10:44 AM) Brazil, champion of bureaucracy

In #EuFiscalizo, reports and interviews show how excess bureaucracy affects the country's economic development, and strategies to make the state more dynamic. Leia +

auditoria em gestao de seguranca GIZ Olacefs.jpg

(9/5/18 7:13 PM) Audit on Dams Safety Management has the support of the GIZ

The consultancy aims to help TCU understand the main concepts and definitions related to the audit. Leia +


(8/30/18 1:45 PM) TCU receives sustainability award in public administration

Photovoltaic plant installation project awarded first place in the category "innovation in public management" of the A3P award Leia +

(8/21/18 2:13 PM) TCU hosts meeting of the INTOSAI Development Initiative (IDI)

The purpose of the IDI Syllabus Development and Evaluation Framework meeting is to develop a curriculum and assessment model for professional education of the public sector auditor for the audit types: compliance, operational and financial. Leia +


(8/20/18 5:02 PM) Low transparency in portals affects almost half of Brazilian federal institutions

This is a conclusion of the Federal Court of Accounts - Brazil (TCU), which created an index to measure the transparency degree of 135 portals evaluated and revealed that one in five portals has high transparency Leia +


(8/9/18 5:13 PM) Nicknamed Zello, in this first stage chatbot answers questions about the list of accounts judged irregular for election purposes.

TCU created and made available on Twitter a virtual assistant (chatbot). The tool is, in fact, a robot with artificial intelligence that interacts with the citizen through text messages, providing information about the Court's performance. The solution, developed internally in its entirety, is a pioneering initiative within the scope of the Brazilian federal public administration. Leia +

GEocontrole 1.jpg

(7/31/18 3:23 PM) Geocontrol: TCU develops pioneering system of satellite image analysis

In a TCU partnership with two Federal Universities, the Court will make use of satellite image analysis specifically for external control activities. Leia +


(6/29/18 5:29 PM) TCU approves with reservations the accounts of the President of the Republic for 2017

In all, there were 22 reservations, 24 recommendations and four alerts Leia +

novos rumos para as normas internacionais de auditoria_uniao2.jpg

(6/28/18 3:05 PM) New paths for international audit standards

The Steering Committee of the Professional Standards Committee (PSC), presided by the Federal Court of Accounts (TCU), met in Luxembourg on 30 and 31 May, The main objectives of the meeting were the approval of the new Public Sector Auditing Standards Development Plan (SDP) and the creation of a professional technical support service. Leia +


(6/22/18 2:35 PM) Public prosecutor at the TCU participates in a meeting of the Brazilian delegation to the UN

Public prosecutor at the TCU participates in a meeting of the Brazilian delegation to the UN. Leia +

ODS ingles.jpg

(6/12/18 5:29 PM) TCU audits are cited in a report by the United Nation

The UN publication "World Public Sector Report" expressly cites the Court's oversight of the efforts of the Brazilian government to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, reported by Minister Augusto Nardes Leia +


(6/11/18 5:11 PM) TCU is well evaluated among Latin American SAIs in terms of availability of information to citizens

In a "ranking" with 22 countries, the Court reached second place, with a "good" result in a classification that considered "very good", "good", "average" and "low". The evaluation reflects the scenario of 2017, year in which the research was carried out Leia +


(6/7/18 6:26 PM) TCU Ombudsman reaches customer service satisfaction target

The demands received by the Ombudsman come from an extremely diverse public, extending from the student requesting data for research, to companies requesting certificates of good repute for participation in bids and renewal of contracts Leia +


(6/7/18 5:38 PM) Impact of bureaucracy on national competitiveness is a topic of debate in the TCU

The event "Public Dialogue" brought together representatives from the productive sector, civil society and the Federal Government Leia +


(6/7/18 5:06 PM) TCU participates in training courses on renewable energy

The TCU's pilot audit on public policies for the insertion of renewable energies will be replicated by another 12 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean Leia +


(6/1/18 4:07 PM) President of the TCU, minister Raimundo Carreiro, receives the title of honorary citizen of Brasilia

Born in the city of Benedito Leite, in the state of Maranhão, the minister-president arrived in Brasilia in 1968, when he was 19 years old. Leia +

Parceria busca aprimorar dialogo e articulacao entre tribunais de contas brasileiros plenario.JPG

(5/11/18 12:12 PM) Partnership seeks to improve dialogue and articulation between Brazilian courts of accounts

The partnership between the TCU, the OECD, Atricon and the IRB aims to improve the coordinated performance of the Brazilian courts of accounts in the oversight of public policies and programs that are executed in a decentralized manner. Leia +


(5/5/18 5:12 PM) President Carreiro opens meeting of the Olacefs Environmental Commission

Comtema's mission is to contribute to the development of environmental audits, through the promotion of external control of environmental management. The first meeting of the year of the commission, now presided over by the TCU, took place in May. Leia +


(5/3/18 2:57 PM) TCU announces unpublished data on governance in the Brazilian federal public administration

Of the 488 organizations analyzed in the survey, it was noticed that more than half had a low level of governance maturity. Leia +


(4/24/18 6:31 PM) TCU presents new Educational Management System to Olacef’s CCC members

The new system, developed by the Federal court of Accounts, seeks to aid in the management of courses offered under the Committee for Capacity Building, currently chaired by the Brazilian SAI Leia +

foto 240x180_DESTAQUE_VV.jpg

(4/19/18 11:30 AM) The Federal Court of Account’s performance generates more than 3 billion dollars in financial benefits

Annual Activities Report for 2017 presents the main results of the Court’s activities and the most relevant initiatives implemented in the first year of Minister Raimundo Carreiro’s administration. Leia +

Rio Amazonas

(4/18/18 4:25 PM) Technical cooperation agreement signed between the Federal Court of Accounts and nine State-level Courts of Accounts to promote coordinated audits in Protected Areas of the Amazon

The objective of the agreement is to carry out coordinated monitoring audits in Protected Areas located in the Amazon region, which comprises all the states of the norther region of Brazil and the states of Mato Grosso (Midwest) and Maranhão (Northeast region). Leia +

CN_TCU_ ao_fundo_Alexandre Araujo.jpg

(4/18/18 3:37 PM) The Federal Court of Accounts validates pilot audit methodology for Ethics Management Assessment

The Ethics Management Assessment Model, tested and validated in this pilot audit, was developed based on the study of good national and international practices related to the implementation of an ethics management system in public organizations. Leia +

Memorando de Entendimentos IDI_TCU_mar_2018.jpg

(4/18/18 2:20 PM) The Federal Court of Accounts and IDI sign memorandum of understanding

The agreement was signed with IDI for TCU support on activities relating to the following programs: 3i program (ISSAI Implementation Initiative), Auditing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) program and the audit professional’s pilot certification program for Supreme Audit Institutions (SAIs). Leia +


(4/16/18 6:44 PM) Artificial Intelligence boosts productivity in the Federal Court of Accounts

The Federal Court of Accounts makes use of artificial intelligence as a reading tool for hundreds of daily-published calls of tender for purchase of goods and services by the federal public administration while identifying signs of irregularities in contracts. Leia +


(4/16/18 3:39 PM) The Federal Court of Accounts of Brazil launches electronic system that allows Special Rendering of Accounts cases to be filed, forwarded and judged in an expedient way

The Special Rendering of Accounts cases under scrutiny by the Federal Court of Accounts corresponds to the amount of US$9,617,771,700.00. A Special Rendering of Accounts case is a type of formalized administrative case, with its own rules of procedure, filed when the resource management body exhausts all administrative measures without insuring compensation of losses to the Public Administration. Leia +

foto 240x180_destaque_VV.jpg

(4/13/18 7:07 PM) OECD and TCU work on study about decentralized public policies

To initiate discussions, the Court held a technical meeting in March 2018 to study a project to improve multilevel governance with a focus on decentralized public policy results. Leia +

O Brasil e suas fronteiras.jpg

(1/4/18 5:53 PM) Partnership with Germany strengthens external control in environmental area

Agreement with the German Cooperation Agency (GIZ), signed in October 2016 and valid until December 2020, allows carrying out audits with financial resources of the institution. Several units of the Court have been benefited. Get to know TCU’s ongoing projects and learn details of the partnership Leia +


(1/2/18 4:31 PM) The Federal Court of Accounts will monitor policies for combating environmental disasters

The audit will also analyze integrated actions developed in the three branches of government for the use of special forces and for environmental education Leia +

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