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Federal Court of Accounts (TCU - Brazil)


"The appointment of my name to the position of Minister of the Federal Court of Accounts – Brazil (TCU) by the Federal Senate in 2007 was backed by my long experience in the legislative area in that Parliamentary House. Experience enriched by the opportunity, as a public servant, to participate actively in moments that were relevant to the legal and constitutional order of the country, such as the drafting of the 1988 Constitution and later the presidential impeachment process of 1992, when I acted as substitute Registrar. There were also other no less important relevant episodes of the Brazilian Public Administration, of which I mention the constitutional revision and the plebiscite on the form and the system of government, in 1993.

As Secretary-General of the Board, as of 2/2/1995, I acted in several constitutional reforms - 49 amendments to the Constitution in twelve years - including the construction of regulatory frameworks on the privatization of telecommunications, the flexibilization of the monopoly in the exploitation of natural gas and oil, cabotage navigation (coastal navigation), and the reforms of the Judiciary and Social Security. Another source of fruitful learning was the national referendum on arms and ammunition trade in 2005.

This professional experience, enriched by my academic education in Law, accredited this public servant to the position of Minister of this Court.

In addition, I am fully aware that the experience gained as Secretary-General of the Board of the Federal Senate, for more than a decade, would not have been so rich had it not been for a long and arduous professional journey. A journey that began in that House in 1968, in the most simple position of research assistant, to gradually ascend to the position of maximum responsibility. These almost forty years dedicated to public service, breathing the atmosphere of the legislative process in its multiple dimensions, have taught me to respect all the legitimate aspects of Public Administration, from managing large national budgets and projects to recognizing the constitutional rights of the most humble citizen. 

For all these reasons, I consider that the constitutional duty of the Federal Court of Accounts is not limited to the protection of the treasury and the interests of the Union. It is fulfilled in the defense of the entire Brazilian Society".

Minister Raimundo Carreiro


Federal Court of Accounts (Brazil)

Address: SAFS Qd 4 Lote 1 - Ed. Sede Sala 229   

City Council: Brasília  

State: DF 

Postal Code: 70042-900  

Phone Number: +55(61) 3527-7403 / 7404 / 7047 / 7509 (Fax) 

Chief of staff: Cláudio Souto Maior Gomes - +55(61) 3527-7402  

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