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Tribunal de Contas da União

New tool made available by the Federal Court of Accounts Brazil – TCU allows spontaneous self-evaluation on governance

From this year onwards, institutions under the jurisdiction or not of the Federal Court of Accounts Brazil – TCU will be able to make a voluntary self-evaluation on governance. The self-service assessment allows public managers to answer a questionnaire about the Integrated Governance and Public Management Index (IGG) at any time and not only during the regular cycle, when sending this data is mandatory.
Por Secom TCU

This new functionality, available in January this year, automates tasks that were manually made before, which optimizes the work process of following the IGG. The system automatically detects when the manager finishes answering the 100 questions from the 2018 questionnaire, puts the data together and analyses it (comparing it to the official answers from 2018), generating the return report and forwarding it by e-mail to the institution.

The self-service is in its trial version, available to the public, and being monitored in order to evaluate if everything is working perfectly. Since the manager is the one entirely responsible for the quality of the outcome, TCU does not validate the self-evaluation results.

Developed in 2017, from previous surveys in restricted areas, nowadays the IGG offers institutions a general framework of their governance system in order for it to be compared to those presented by similar organizations or by organizations of the same work segment.

Advantages of knowing the IGG:

- identification of areas with bigger risks and bigger improvement opportunities;

- knowledge by the organization about its own strengths and frailties regarding governance and, with this information, being able to compare themselves to similar organizations;

- identifying weaknesses and noticing that they may be common to similar organizations, or even being able to realize that other organizations have already dealt with the same weaknesses, and using such cases as an example of best practices to overcome problems.






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