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Tribunal de Contas da União

The adoption of new ways of working in order to modernize and better serve the citizens

The Federal Court of Accounts – Brazil ( TCU) has been implementing a series of changes, in order to reformulate models of performance and interaction with the external public, so as to take advantage of the benefits and possibilities of digital technologies to promote the improvement of services and productivity and efficiency parameters.
Por Secom TCU

The TCU is now following new procedures for receiving documents and accessing procedural files, as well as providing copies.

The documents to be filed with the TCU, for all purposes, must now be exclusively forwarded through digital protocol services or the Conecta-TCU platform, available on the Court's website. The proof of delivery, with the number of the generated protocol, date and time of receipt and identification of the sender and recipient, among other information, will be automatically sent, and the document, when applicable, will be associated with the desired case or service, without the need for operational intermediation.

Access to non-confidential procedural records will be simplified and automated. Whoever is considered legitimate, according to the TCU regulation, qualifies on the TCU Portal and has immediate access to the case. In the event of a confidential case, there will no longer be a need for physical travel to the Court's address to obtain a copy. The service will be available remotely.

The decision considers the need to make the Court's services more accessible, efficient and easy to use. The measure also aims to favor the access and flow of information, as well as to promote the use of electronic means to access the case file documents and the performance of acts with speed, security, transparency and economy.

 “In the current scenario of technological development, it is no longer justified to impose physical displacement to the TCU - the party, lawyer, interested party, public manager, legitimized - for the formalization of diverse requests, accreditation, delivery of documents, withdrawal of copy of case or document” , says the head of the Department of Records Management (Seproc-TCU), Mauro Giacobbo.

"The digital technologies available and widely used allow us to review and improve the current interaction and service models available, in order to significantly improve the quality of the services provided, the added value and the meaning of the information", he adds.The objective is, more and more, to "bring the Court closer to the external public", as explained by Giacobbo.

The platform started to be implemented mid-last year, and it currently brings together more than 225 agencies and entities and more than 4 thousand service users and it will grow much more!






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