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Tribunal de Contas da União

The Federal Court of Accounts – Brazil (TCU) assesses the transparency of the websites of 73 Brazilian Federal public agencies

Between August and November 2019, the Federal Court of Accounts – Brazil (TCU) carried out the first stage of monitoring the degree of transparency of the websites of Federal Public Administration (APF) entities. This action included federal bodies of the Legislature and Judiciary branches and the Federal Prosecution Service, adding up to 73 assessed organizations and leading to the approval of Court Decision 798/2020 – Full Court, reported by Minister Aroldo Cedraz.
Por Secom TCU

The study showed high percentages indicating compliance with the transparency criteria in the websites of all groups of assessed agencies. The image below highlights the compliance rates in the groups. The blue shades show the groups from the Judicial Branch.

 tribunal avalia transparencia de portais de 73 orgaos publicos federais-eng.png

Among the most common non-compliances, there are the flaws in publishing information in open and non-proprietary formats, which would allow a wide use by society, including the possibility of being read by a machine. Another common flaw that was observed is a requirement of registration in order to get access to some information or restrictions such as the use of systems that intervene in the access to information (captchas).

In addition, it was also observed that the assessment of the transparency of websites of agencies from the Judiciary Branch and the Federal Prosecution Service, respectively, are reliable, based on statistical analysis of a sample from such organizations. This observation, besides allowing the TCU to use the results published by the councils to make its own evaluation, also made it possible to monitor the deliberations of Court Decision 1.832/2018- Full Court, reported by Minister Augusto Nardes, whose result was considered satisfactory.

The topics that presented best compliance in terms of meeting the deliberations were “institutional information”, “budget and financial execution”, and “researches that show results according to the informed parameters”. As for the topics whose requirements showed a low level of compliance by the supervised agencies, the TCU has chosen to continue the monitoring.

Among the main recommendations addressed to the supervised agencies, there are suggestions for improving the questionnaires used to assess the transparency of the websites, especially with regard to the use of automatic tools for evaluating their accessibility, the uniformity to meet the requirements on the various pages of these websites, and the demand to comply with the requirements from the Public Service User Defense Code when assessing the publication of service letters to users.






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