ISACA Journal: Digital Transformation (Volume 5, 2018)


Periódicos e revistas

Áreas temáticas:
Administrativo Tecnologia da informação no TCU Segurança da informação
Auditoria de sistemas

Information Security Matters: Why We Failed / Steven J. Ross -- The Network / Kevin Murphy -- IS Audit Basics: Auditing the IoT / Ian Cooke -- The Practical Aspect: Mergers and Acquisitions, Should Internal Audit Be Involved in Due Diligence? / Vasant Raval -- Guest Editorial: Digital Transformation Insight for 21st Century Organizations: Managing Risk / Gregory J. Touhill -- Sponsored Feature: Innovating Internal Audit to Unlock Value / Clay Young and Erik Kiaer -- Digital Transformation? Boards Are Not Ready for It! / Guy Pearce -- Impacts of Blockchain on the Auditing Profession / Nathalie Brender -- How Boards Engage in Digital Strategy and Oversight: The Case of the University of Antwerp / Steven De Haes, Laura Caluwe, Anant Joshi, and Tim Huygh -- Bitcoin Boosting Businesses / Josh Wardini -- Speeding Up Software Delivery With Effective Change Management / Evan Bass and W. Noel Haskins-Hafer.