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Federal Court of Accounts - Brazil (TCU)


"Gaúcho, from the region of Jesuit missions, descendant of ‘tropeiros’, son of Brazil, being a Minister of the Federal Court of Accounts, a position I hold since September 20, 2005, allows me to protect the rights not only of the people of my state, but of all the people of my country. In this select collegiate, where great figures of Rio Grande do Sul and Brazil have already taken their seats, I seek every day to honor the commitment assumed in the term of investiture, performing with independence and exaction the duties of the office, fulfilling and enforcing the Federal Constitution and the laws of the Nation, notably with regard to the control and external control of public resources within the competence of the Union.

With a degree in business administration, with postgraduate and master's degrees in Geneva, Switzerland, in development strategy, as an egress from Parliament, I bring with me the taste for serving the community since my first election in 1972. Imbued with responsibilities of the accounts magistracy, I had the honor of chairing the Court in the biennium 2013-2014, when I was able to implement, among other concepts, the specialization of technical units and coordinated audits. I also had the honor of being at the helm of Olacefs, the first time Brazil has held the presidency of the Organization, which was created more than 50 years ago to bring together the supreme audit institutions of Latin America and the Caribbean.

To act in a body of national jurisdiction and of constitutional stature as the Federal Court of Accounts means being able to think the future of Brazil in a global political context. Not only on the aspects of the legality, legitimacy, and economy of the acts of the public administration, but with focus on good governance, sustainability, and competitiveness, in order to contribute to the development of the country for the benefit of society, and to the increasing aggrandizement of our Nation before the great powers of the planet.”

Minister Augusto Nardes  


Phone: + 55 (61) 3527--8498 / 3527-8294

Fax: 3527-7552

Address: SAFS Qd 4 Lote 1 Ed. Sede Sala 373


Zip code: 70.042-900

Head of Office: Carlos Antonio Soares de Araújo   +55 61 3527-7214