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25th Meeting of the INTOSAI Working Group on IT Audit
8th Performance Auditing Seminar on IT Audit


25th Meeting of the INTOSAI Working Group on IT Audit Files

Day 1
Item Country
Update on website of the Working Group on IT Audit Malaysia
Final report on Project-1 titledIT Governance” Brazil
Final report on Project-2 titled “Data Mining as a Tool in Fraud Investigation” South Africa
Final report on Project-3 titled “Development of Standards for State Information Systems and Project Audit” File1 File2 Russian Federation
Final report on Project-4 titled “Development of Data Interface Standard for Accounting Software” China
Final report on Project-5 titled “Development of ISSAI-5300 on ‘Guidelines on IT Audits” India
Status report on updating the WGITA-IDI IT Audit handbook USA
Day 2
Item Country
Presentation on SAI Bangladesh Bangladesh
Open Data Brazil
e-Audit - Lessons learned and way foward Indonesia
Visualization method using IT technique for the efficient audit Korea
The impact of using IT to enhance audit work quality in the State Audit Bureau of Kuwait File1 File2 Kuwait
Report of AFROSAI-E on cooperation with WGITA AFROSAI-E
Report of ISACA on cooperation with WGITA ISACA
Report of IDI on coopertation with WGITA IDI
Status report on the Audit Management System  India
WGITA Report for INCOSAI India


8th Performance Auditing Seminar on IT Audit Files

Download seminar photos (160MB)

Theme 1: Performance Audit - Data Analysis Tools & Methods
Supreme Audit Institution
SAI Finland: Using Program for International Student Assessment (PISA) Data In Performance Audits File1 File2
SAI Botswana:  Performance Audit & Data Analysis
SAI Iraq:  IT Performance Audit
Theme 2 - Moving Towards Big Data
Supreme Audit Institution

SAI India:  Big Data Analytics In SAI India File1 File2

SAI Japan: Information Security Problems & The Future of Big Data Audit
SAI Brazil:  Data Analysis Strategy Of TCU
SAI USA: Data Analysis & Analytics At GAO


SAI Brazil Files

Get.IT - Governance Evaluation Techniques for Information Technology
Eurosai Article - The Role of The Federal Court of Accounts of Brazil in Encouraging Government Data Openness
Report Highlights - Cloud Computing
Report Highlights - IT Governance Survey 2014
Report Highlights - Open Data in the Federal Public Administration
Report Highlights - Organization of IT Governance
Report Highlights - Survey - Application of Agile Methodologies in Software Development